About CDO

All about the CDO Navigator.

The Capacity Development Online Navigator 

is a repository of living documents reflecting our experiences with online activities and events in the context of capacity development project implementation. It was – and is – developed jointly by a team of PTB consultants and PTB staff, who started meeting in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic as one of the sub-groups of PTB’s International Cooperation Covid-19 Taskforce. The idea was born while piloting various virtual formats for capacity development activities, sharing “lessons learnt” and providing peer advice within the group, to other PTB project teams and QI partner in real time on the first forays into 100% virtual project implementation. 

Drawing on our experiences, we started to write down our impressions and lessons learned, commented on each other’s drafts and developed new ideas and concepts on how to improve our virtual activities. We decided to create a permanent space where we can continue to both share our insights and learn from each other, open room for inspiration and motivate others to, in turn, share their own insights and provide advice. 

The CDO Navigator is a collaborative effort and we need your help to keep it up to date so that it continues to “live” and be useful. We have no doubt that as virtual collaboration takes root, many new tools will be developed that require new methods and formats. Do you have ideas for new contributions to the Navigator? Do you have suggestions for updating existing entries? Please check out the forum and/or contact us.

Thank you to all the contributors past and future!

Oliver Ditthardt, Janin Fischer, Laura Haeussler, Ulrich Harmes-Liedtke, Lukas Kleiner, Heike Koch, Suzana Lange, Christian Seufert, Katharina Telfser, Corinna Weigelt, Alexis Valqui, Gudrun Becker, Karin Vondeberg, Christian Foerg-Wimmer



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