Videoconferencing tool hosted by the German Research Network that can be accessed via weblink, Pexip Infinity Connect desktop client or smartphone app, Skype for Business or phone (audio only). This tool is in line with PTB’s data security requirements.

Suitable for

interviews, team meetings, workshops, online seminars.


  • Audio and videoconferencing
  • File and screen sharing
  • Chat function
  • “Presentation room” with additional features:
    • hand raising
    • recording and streaming of a session (when live streaming is activated for a session, it is automatically recorded and the video can be used after the session)
    • separate chat for the live stream

The stream is only activated when you click on "record". When live streaming is activated for a session, it is automatically recorded and the video can be used after the session. It needs to be saved before closing the DFNconf session. Otherwise the recording is lost.

Number of participants

The current DFNconf solution is limited to 50 video-participants.

An unlimited number of viewers can watch the stream, but they can only interact in the streaming chat (if enabled). Different PINs can be generated for hosts and guests.
The DFNconf room and the streaming room have different chats.

The organizer can decide during the preparation, if all people can be seen or only the speakers. During the live event, this mode cannot be changed.
In a lecturing mode, only those who access with the host pin can be seen by the audience. This mode is suitable if you would like to use the “raise your hand function.” The host can easily appoint the other speakers as hosts by clicking on their profiles (All names are listed under the list of participants (to the right of the name you will see a small figure. Only those who joined as a host can appoint others as hosts.


  • Separate rooms need to be created in advance for breakout sessions;
  • No polling function;
  • Sometimes difficulties accessing the presentation room;
  • Sometimes problems with the connection (especially when there are many participants);
  • Previous chat entries are not visible when a participant connects at a later stage, or reconnects to the same room;
  • There is no private chat.
  • List of participants (with hand raising symbols) and chat cannot be viewed simultaneously.

User considerations and troubleshooting

  • Different access PINs and the possibility to click “join” without entering a PIN may confuse participants. Therefore, participants should be informed that they can simply click on “join” when no PIN is provided (when communicating access information in the calendar invitation or email).
  • If DFNconf does not work in the selected browser, a different browser should be tested. Access to camera and microphone need to be allowed before joining the presentation room. Alternatively, the Pexip app can be installed before the meeting.
  • If you follow the stream, please activate the loudspeaker at the very bottom (if it is switched off/no sound.) You will see a purple button and by clicking on it, you are in the streaming chat and can ask questions in writing.


a second direct communication channel should be agreed upon to solve technical issues (e.g. phone)

is highly recommended to make sure participants can connect with audio and video

may be used to enable communication between people in the presentation room and people streaming, as the chats for the room and for the stream are separate. Otherwise, this can be facilitated by one person in the main room watching the chat of the stream.

can help set up one or several conference rooms for an event


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