Jitsi Meet

Videoconferencing tool accessible via link through a browser and with a password-protection option. The tool is hosted on PTB servers and fulfils PTB’s data security standards.

Suitable for

interviews, group meetings.


  • Audio and videoconferencing
  • Joining via a link containing the name of the meeting (e.g. vc.ptb.de/meetingname); hosted on PTB servers
  • No registration or login necessary
  • Possible to join through a browser (without need of installation), or via an app (best browsers: Google Chrome and Chromium)
  • Optional password protection
  • "Speaker Stats" for participants: name and total speaking time are displayed
  • Individual participants can be excluded
  • “Mute all” function available
  • Meeting can be re-named under "Settings/Profile”
  • Hardly any additional rights for the moderator other than a "Follow me" function under "Settings/More" (participants see what the moderator sees)
  • Video quality can be set manually
  • Background can be blurred
  • Sharing of the entire desktop or individual windows available to all participants
  • A “raise hand” function always available
  • Chat function (with the whole group or selected individuals)
  • Option to share the audio when a video is shared

Number of participants

technically, max. 70.


  • Only videos of the last 4-5 speakers are shown
  • No polling function
  • No interpreting channel
  • No breakout rooms
  • Hard limit of total participants in a meeting
  • High CPU utilization makes it difficult for participants with older hardware to join

User considerations and troubleshooting

  • Google Chrome or Chromium browser works best
  • A test session with all participants necessary to find out if their hardware can run the tool
  • One PTB staff member using a security certificate needed as conference host
  • Participants can choose between:
    • Gallery view: All participants are displayed with video/image/name in the same size
    • Speaker view: The person speaking is displayed in large size.

Practical tips

  • Suitable for small groups due to CPU issue


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