Online Whiteboard

An online whiteboard is a visual collaboration workspace. Based in a cloud, the online whiteboard provides shared digital space where teams can visually work together across any device.

An online whiteboard is suitable for carrying out interactive card moderation exercises online.

It is especially suitable for breakout groups, as the meeting results can easily be shared with the rest.

Online whiteboards can be used for asynchronous work: participants can add/modify after the event. Rules for changing need to be agreed upon.

Before deciding to use an online whiteboard, please make sure to inform yourself about current data protection regulations.


Suitable for

workshops, team meetings, steering committee meetings.


The features may vary from one whiteboard tool to another. They typically include:

  • Dashboard
  • Collaboration workspace / whiteboards: 
    • Texts, drawings, shapes, icons, frameworks, images, files, etc., can be added to the whiteboard.
    • Zoom in and out functions
  • Templates
  • Chat function
  • Share button to invite visitors

Number of participants

No limitations. Visitors can be invited to collaborate via the share button. It is possible to join as a visitor without having to sign in or create an account.


  • Some online whiteboards offer a chat function, but it needs to be used in conjunction with a videoconferencing tool.
  • Sometimes problems with the connection occur (especially when there are many participants).
  • Depending on the tool and license (e.g. free version), there might be restrictions in the features such as a limited number of sticky notes available to participants. Check out beforehand!

User considerations and troubleshooting

  • Some participants might need prior instruction to use the online whiteboard (see Leave no one behind). In that case one option is to have only the moderator use the whiteboard to visualize the input of participants and share his or her screen.


are highly recommended if an online whiteboard is used in the frame of a videoconference.

before an event is highly recommended.


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